Brian’s Solds


Nobody Sells More Homes in Lake Ida Than Brian!

2019 Sales

AddressSquare FeetBeds/BathsPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
1115 NW 6th Avenue30774/4Y21,350,000Listed by Brian!
1021 NW 5th Ave21624/3Y2$575,000Listed and Sold by Brian!

2018 Sales

AddressSquare FeetBeds/BathsPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
314 NW 16th Street24393/2Y1$872,500Listed by Brian!
215 Grove Way28584/4YY$1,200,000Listed and Sold by Brian!
302 NW 15th Street14932/2NY$590,000Listed by Brian!
1410 Dale Lane34265/3.5Y0$870,000Sold by Brian!
2013 NW 3rd Avenue33484/3.5YY$825,000Sold by Brian!
811 NW 3rd Avenue19044/3NY$635,000Listed by Brian!
315 NW 18th StreetLOT0Y0$1,500,000Listed and Sold by Brian!

2017 Sales

AddressSquare Feet Beds/BathsPoolGarageSold Price Status
11 Grove Way37774/4.5Y2$1,037,000Sold By Brian!
314 Kings Lynn13032/2N2$425,000Listed By Brian!
110 NW 11th Street13063/2YN$540,000Listed By Brian!
203 NW 15th Street19923/2Y1$600,000Sold By Brian!
3 NW 17th St16973/3YN$640,000Listed By Brian!
402 NW 9th Street
42764/2.5Y2$861,530Listed By Brian!
703 Enfield Road16373/2Y2$735,000Sold By Brian!
208 Beverly Drive25215/3 (duplex)NN$600,000Listed By Brian!

2016 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
518 Rye Ln17753/2N1$480,000Listed by Brian!
1011 NW 3rd Ave19133/3N1$595,000Listed by Brian!
1711 NW 4th15964/2N2$620,000Listed and Sold by Brian!
310 NW 15th St23913/3N2$650,000Listed by Brian!
417 NW 17th St21914/2.1Y1$715,000Sold by Brian!
290 NW 22nd St24674/3Y2$950,000Sold by Brian!
11 Grove Way (LOT)--------------------------------------------$635,000Sold by Brian!

2015 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
233 Lake Terrace15583/2N0$395,000Sold by Brian!
18 NW 25th Ct15263/2Y2$515,000Listed & Sold by Brian!
11 Grove Way17313/3Y2$635,000Listed by Brian!
1343 NW 3rd Ave23963/3.5Y2$760,000Listed by Brian!
203 Grove Way37435/4Y2$870,500Listed by Brian!
1211 NW 4th Ave32003/3Y0$895,000Listed by Brian!
501 NW 7th St35665/5.5Y2$1,155,000Listed by Brian!

2014 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
210 NW 7th St14192/2N0$350,000Listed and Sold by Brian!
501 NW 4th Ave16793/2Y1$375,000Listed by Brian!
601 NW 5th Ave15963/2N2$430,000Listed by Brian!
236 Lake Eden Way21233/2Y2$715,000Listed by Brian!
200 NW 15th St26964/3.5N2$720,000Sold by Brian!
720 Eldorado Lane26843/3Y2$790,000Listed by Brian!
302 NW 11th St36654/4Y1$895,000Listed by Brian!
1301 NW 4th Ave30554/3.5Y1 $925,000Listed by Brian!
1209 NW 3rd Ave36644/3.5Y2$1,500,000Listed and Sold by Brian!

2013 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
1408 NW 4th Ave12653/2N-$290,000Listed by Brian!
418 Enfield Ter15983/2N2$302,500Listed by Brian!
217 NW 16th StVacant Lot---$345,000Listed and Sold by Brian!
617 Eldorado Lane16653/2N2$437,000Listed by Brian!
512 NW 9th St16082/2Y2$470,000Sold by Brian!
603 NW 7th St17643/2Y2$530,000Listed by Brian!
600 NW 7th St22893/2N-$541,900Listed by Brian!
2012 NW 1st Ave31165/3Y2$652,500Listed by Brian!

2012 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
712 NW 3rd Ave16403/3N1$390,000Listed by Brian!
1501 Pine Lane20823/2N1$422,500Listed by Brian!
836 NW 3rd Ave25473/3Y2$450,000Listed by Brian!
1120 NW 3rd Ave19813/3N2$480,000Sold by Brian!
925 Hibiscus Lane19313/2Y1$500,000Listed by Brian!
1300 NW 4th Ave20584/2N-$505,000Listed by Brian!
1331 NW 3rd Ave31064/3.5Y-$522,000Listed by Brian!
602 NW 4th Ave20733/2Y2.5$547,000Listed by Brian!
115 Grove Way36544/3.5Y3$1,021,000 Sold by Brian!

2011 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
715 Sunshine Dr13303/2N2$280,000 Sold by Brian!
211 NW 16th St19513/2Y0$322,500 Listed by Brian!
408 NW 14th St15852/2N1$350,000 Listed by Brian!
1112 NW 4th Ave23083/2.5Y2$368,000 Listed by Brian!
1329 NW 3rd Ave20833/2.5N1$385,000 Listed by Brian!
615 NW 7th St22243/3Y1.5$420,000 Listed by Brian!
1104 NW 6th Ave20173/3Y2$475,000 Listed by Brian!
1090 NW 5th Ave20493/3.5Y2$552,000 Listed by Brian!
302 NW 11th St36654/4Y1$685,000 Listed and Sold by Brian!
920 Hibiscus Lane39634/4Y3$750,000 Listed and Sold by Brian!
1209 NW 3rd Ave35904/3.5Y3$895,000 Sold by Brian!

2010 Sales

AddressSq FtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
501 NW 4th Ave16793/2Y1$260,000 Listed and sold by Brian!
1125 NW 5th Ave17763/2Y2$380,000 Listed and Sold by Brian!
424 NW 17th St20003/2Y2$430,000 Listed and Sold by Brian!
602 NW 8th Ave25113/2Y2$530,000 Listed by Brian!
750 NW 7th St32984/3Y2$700,000 Sold by Brian!

2009 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
322 NW 16th St12483/2N0$310,000 Listed by Brian!
1050 NW 4th Ave18703/2Y2$397,500 Listed and Sold by Brian!
515 NW 1st Ave21583/3N2$430,000 Listed by Brian!
727 Lake Shore Dr27754/3Y2$450,000 Listed by Brian!
314 NW 16th St24393/2.5Y1$510,000 Listed and Sold by Brian!

2008 Sales

AddressSqFtBed/BathPoolGarageSold PriceStatus
516 NW 4th Ave14284/2N1$235,000 Sold by Brian!
114 NW 6th St11842/2N1$315,000 Listed and Sold by Brian!
319 NW 17th St14932/2Y1$350,000 Listed by Brian!
902 Lake Shore Dr16853/2Y2$440,000 Listed by Brian!
698 Lake Shore Dr18973/3Y2$493,000 Sold by Brian!
514 NW 8th Ave18673/2N2$550,000 Sold by Brian!
107 NW 17th St21943/2Y1$575,000 Sold by Brian!